February 23, 2009


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This blog is dedicated to writings on radical love.  To the right you will find a few of my writings on the topic, both in its contemporary practice and its 19th century roots.  Below you will find my recent interview with Mickey Z, New York radical author and super awesome human being.  I look forward to posting more on the topic and hearing back from other people interested in radical love and ethics.   Thanks for reading!



  1. rebelmouse said,

    Hi, in the near future, when I find time, I plan to create freelove.anarhija.org website, so I hope I can include there your standpoints which I find very constructive. I know there are different “levels” and every name/term is meaning different, but for me free love means the same as for you radical love. Just I am more concentrated on relations between humans, because even this level is not changed, especially in patriarchal poor regions like East Europe where I grew up. But maybe I change my site to be in the end love of humans for other humans, for animals and for nature. it would be good to make site where people can find love for everything, not “only” between humans… than it would be radicallove.anarhija.org or anarchistlove.anarhija.org but I will have to think about it. I make difference between radical and anarchist, because many people see as radical anything, even communist authoritarian idea. therefore I would avoid term/name “radical”. although and many anarchists are still products of this system and they are far away from radical or from anarchist. but if I speak about idea and name, I would rather choose “anarchist love” and later is on the people alone/itself to see how much from it they can accept and realize in their daily life. hm, I will have now to ask server to change my settings, it will be anarchistlove.anarhija.org
    but I will rob you, I will take your standpoints for my site and of course I will make a link toward your blog. bye,

    • micheLe said,

      The original meaning of radical is someone who gets to the root of the problem….

      Radical love to me is giving love and compassion freely and creating an openess where others can feel free and safe to observe it(or me!), feel it and do the same:)

      I also think that extending the compassion and love to nature and animals is right on!


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